emplo.com is a new, innovative and game changing platform for the business and HR industry being introduced to market by Grupa Pracuj S.A. Our team is responsible for most of the architectural design and for a big part of the development process.

  • suitable and scalable for companies up to thousands of employee
  • dealing with intensive traffic and large amount of data in an efficient way
  • data security and integrity
  • self-servicing SaaS architecture
  • focus on excellent user experience
  • changing and quickly evolving business requirements


  • flexible architecture via modules separation and internal APIs
  • distributed processing via message brokers
  • scalability and multi-tenancy via multiple databases and hosting centers
  • real-time communication via web-sockets
  • continuous integration and delivery via Team City and Redgate
  • parallel work on different features and remote collaboration via GitHub
  • friendly UI via rich client-side solutions
  • well-defined process of database migrations and data audit
  • infrastructure monitoring tools
  • automated testing
  • Agile and Scrum best-practices


We are not only building emplo but we’re also using it internally in Epicode. It serves us as a great tool to manage our daily life in the company!