Amirior stands for “amazing interior”. It is a custom e-commerce platform that provides products for home. The part of the site called “Design-studio” allows the visitors to precisely specify the parameters of the product they need. Basing on the input data, the application provides a life preview of the configured product which then can be put into basket. Users can also choose from a variety of standard products that don’t need any configuration.
Amirior is not only a handy front-end, but also an advanced back-end panel. Administrators can manage details like sewing costs of the specified model, taking into account the dimensions selected by final customer and the material cutting algorithm. Administrators can also generate dynamic pictures as a given product, using it’s 3D model, setting a custom background, texture and easily configuring the perspective.
Amirior additionally provides advanced solutions for managing discounts and promotions. The application is also integrated with external re-selling platforms.