are in the center

When software is created, there must be a reason for it. Software makes work more effective, information more available, life simpler and more entertaining.

Thinking about what users feel and what they expect is as much important as technical correctness.


is under our control

Our biggest value is the knowledge we have and the creative way we use it. Keeping our expertise on the top level is our responsibility - it brings direct value for our customers. Everyone in Epicode team proves high level of problem solving skills, technical knowledge and the greed for excellence.


is our lifestyle

In life nothing is constant. Neither in business. Our customers have the right to change decisions. Not everything can be predicted. New opportunity? New priorities? Lets go for it!

Flexibility is the key principle of our software and process.

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We support our customers from the early beginning of each project. The questions we ask and the advice we give helps us in understanding the business better and making the right decisions. Choosing optimal strategy, technology and scope is one of our key responsibilities.


Interactive mock-ups and prototypes allow us to quickly validate ideas before the programming starts. We conduct the design phase before every major feature during the project lifespan. It gives us the confidence that the final output of every new module meets the business requirements.


Our primary focus is on creating highest quality, reliable and easily extensible software which can be delivered fast and serves the business goals. We always look for the smartest solutions which “make things as simple as possible, but not simpler” – A. Einstein


Users’ comfort is very important in each application. Our UX experts always put a big effort in designing intuitive interactions, clear information architecture and aesthetic graphics. Aside from creating new projects we also offer auditing existing solutions in terms of UX quality.

Quality Assurance

One of our top priorities is providing high quality products. We use manual and automated tests to assure that the software is bug-free requirement compliant. Every application has a staging environment where changes are validated before releasing them to production.


Each running application needs proper care. We constantly monitor the technical infrastructure of our software to make sure that our applications are safe and accessible all the time. We respond to customer requests on a daily basis. When contacting our partners we make sure that each user  is satisfied with our services.